Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Chow Magazine. Food. Drink. Fun.

There are so many food mags out there. Gourmet. Saveur. Food & Wine. It seemed like they'd covered it all, and there was no room for something new. At least not something new and different. And then there was Chow.

Chow got off to a rocky start. They released their premiere issue around the holidays, and I just received my second issue yesterday. There was a little filler issue in between—a tiny one the size of Everyday Food, but only about a dozen pages. That was cute, but not nearly the same as a real issue.

Yesterday when I checked my mail, I was pleasantly surprised to see Chow peeking out from behind the slurry of junk that I seem to get daily. It has brass, bold, and odd art direction (see picture), but it does grab your attention. I wouldn't say I'm a big fan of the look, but I can't stop thinking about it, so perhaps they're onto something. I suppose I would call it ugly sexy. Their articles are short, usually no longer than a two page spread, and most of their gift suggestions are way too expensive. And yet I find myself curling up with it on the couch and reading it cover to cover because they're actually talking about things that interest me. Yes, that's right. I think there's finally a food mag for the 20 to 30-something set. Even in her thirties Martha never got it, though I do love her mag, and so many of the others make me feel like I should be jetting off to unnamed islands to try local cuisine. Where's that darn trust fund when I need it? So welcome, Chow. I will be your early adopter, your trial audience, your willing victim. I'll try your recipes and share you with friends. Because you're a hell of a lot more fun than those other magazines, and I can always use more fun in my life. Especially if it lets me play with my food.


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