Friday, April 22, 2005

Two Turntables and a Microphone

I hadn't really labeled the cake trend these days. It never occured to me that we'd strayed from the over-the-top cakes of yore to the "restrained preciousness" of cakes today. Not that they're implying that we started over-the-top, but it makes the trend sound more dramatic to overstate it. So leave it to the Cake Man to set new standards of cake excellence and help some kids along the way. While I'm impressed by the cakes, I'm more impressed by his ability to parent kids that aren't his own, guiding them into adulthood simply by caring about what happens to them. You hear about the battling that goes on in kitchens, the backstabbing, the competition, the ego wars. It's refreshing to hear about a man who cares about his cakes and the people who make them. So three cheers for the Cake Man. Coo coo catchoo!

Read about the Cake Man.

I'll be in New York next week. I think I'll stop by and say hello.


Blogger Fatemeh Khatibloo-McClure said...

I just love the Cake Man...

Your post is a good reminder that I've been wanting to order my husband a red velvet cake from him - he's from the south, and misses his red velvet on his birthday!

Lovely blog, btw - found you through Shuna's site.

4/27/2005 10:21 AM  

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